Cheese Your Own Adventure

Everybody is unique, so sometimes one-size-fits-all gifts just won’t cut it. That’s why we offer customized food gift baskets. With our Build Your Own Gift crate, you can assemble the perfect bespoke selection of cheeses, meats, and accompanying pantry items. Curate the perfect pairing (think honey, blue cheese, oatcakes or Manchego, membrillo and almonds) or just put together a food gift basket of all your special someone’s favorite items. You’ll know it’s great because you made it yourself. And we’ll package it in our Murray’s wooden crate or gift box for maximum impact. Look below to cheese your own adventure.

Pro Tip: We’ve found that the most magical gifts are not only special and personalized, but also well-rounded and complete. That’s why we recommend selecting a few items from all 4 categories below in order to give your loved one the most delicious Murray’s experience possible.

If you don’t see the items you are looking for below, use the following steps:

1. Add any additional items on our website to your cart

2. Add a gift crate at checkout

3. We will see that all of the items you purchase will be packaged along with the gift crate

Murray's Wooden Gift Crate



Specialty Foods

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