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Virtual Private Classes & Events

We’re bringing the magic of our private event space online! With our virtual classes, you’ll get a shipment of cheeses and a link to follow along with our Murray’s experts as they host a live tasting. Now, we’re offering private virtual classes, perfect for corporate happy hours and private parties, so you can video chat with your selected guests while enjoying some Cheese 101 from the comfort of your home.
Murrays Cheese Education Private Classes

Private Classes

We can make your favorite Murray’s classes into private events, hosted in our beautiful space, and we’ll work with you to customize it just to your liking.

Murrays Cheese Private Events 2019

Private Events

We’ll tailor a cheese-tastic experience just for you and your guests, with custom options like cocktails, brunch, and dinner parties at our beautiful Greenwich Village space.
Murray's Cheese Private Classes & Events Seasonal Menus

Seasonal Menus

Murray’s is proud to feature fresh, seasonal produce in all of our dishes. Delivered to us weekly, our produce is grown with the utmost level of respect for the land, attention to detail and tremendous farming prowess. David Elkins, our Executive Chef, is a veteran of New York’s most esteemed kitchens. Our wonderful products, combined with Chef David’s vision and creativity, are what makes our dishes so extraordinary, and our menu so unique.
Murray's Cheese Off-Site Events & Classes

Off-Site Events

The Murray’s Cheese Event Team is excited to offer all the knowledge, fun and delectable abundance of a Murray’s event in the comfort of your own home, office or favorite venue. With our new ‘Mobile Monger Program’ we’ll send a crew of experienced mongers right to your party along with an interactive and bountiful cheese-focused spread for your guests to get lost in.


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