We at Murray’s want you to get the highest quality cheese and charcuterie in the freshest condition possible. Our cheese is taken from our caves, cut-to-order and wrapped in wax paper the very morning it sent out to you. We always send our shipments overnight with ice packs when needed. We also have partnered with FedEx, who watches each of your packages as they travel through the country to make sure they always stay cool and take the most direct route to get to you as quickly as possible.

The Murray's Cut Process

Every day, the expert cheese cutters at Murray’s Cheese select the perfect wheels from our caves and cut your cheese to order. Each order is cut inside of our state-of-the-art clean room. Cutting cheese at Murray’s is an art, not a science, so while your piece may be slightly over or slightly under what you ordered, you can rest assured that it was cut just for you.

Wrap Process

Your cheese is wrapped in our specially-produced cheese paper. The paper is lined with a breathable layer to allow the cheese to continue maturing while en route to your door. The breathable paper prevents the cheese from being suffocated, but also prevents it from drying out.

State of the Art Packaging

Every order is packed in a thermal lined box with reusable food-friendly gel packs. The goal is for the cheese to arrive to you cool to cold. Remember, cheese cannot be frozen.

Shipping Fresh To Your Doorstep

Depending on the contents of your order and the destination of your shipment, you'll be offered One Day, Two Day or Ground shipping at checkout. Since some of our cheeses can only be in transit for 1 Day, One Day shipping may be your only option. If you're ordering harder cheeses or grocery items, you may be offered 2 Day or Ground. Finally, if you're ordering very heavy items like pickles or large cheese boards, Ground may be the ONLY option offered to you. You can always call us (1-888-692-4339) with special shipping questions or concerns.